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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.

Putting feet to faith!!!! Can you do it?

Neh.4:6 - Are you 'working with all your heart' to promote the church or r u complaining about it, tearing it down. Church - WORK together!  Oh Jesus ...
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Possessing the Land in Prayer

Satan doesnt even possess 1 blade of grass. Remind him of that and yourself! Possess the land in prayer. Ps. 24:1 Jesus - it is all yours!   Go...
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Leukemia/ALS Racing day in Carmi, Il.

This was originally published in the Norris City paper.  By Leigh Gray   Whether you realize it or not, everyone has a certain degree of influe...
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Stopping the Battle at the Gate!

There are a lot of things I struggle with.  Some of them would make you giggle and others would make you wonder what in the world has God done using h...
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Looking into the future of His past...

I am at a very odd place and I dont find it very comforting. I have a speaking calendar coming up for this Fall and Spring with very little on it. Hon...
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