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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.

Worshipping in Spirit and Truth!

Dear Jesus,

Sitting here this morning and thinking about so many things.  I am at aplace of stand still with my ministry and at times it is good and many times I am confused.  I get confused at what you are doing, and sometimes I wonder if I have been forgotten.  I know that not to be true, but if I am honest, I give in to that way of thinking.  

Life is so different with my kids getting older.  In the past I could blog about anything I wanted because they were too young to care if they were being talked about or not.  It is soooo not the case now.  Because of that and the fact that You, Lord, teach me so many things through parenting I find it very difficult to blog without invading their privacy.  

I have been reading through the Gospel of John the last couple of mornings.  Today I was in John 4, specifically the woman at the well.  Towards the end of their encounter Jesus tells her that God is looking for those that TRUE worshipers - those that will worship Him in Spirit and in TRUTH.  

True worshipers and worshipping in the Truth are words derived from the same root.  It simply means exactly what you are thinking - TRUTH!  Lord Jesus, you want us to worship you with a real heart, a truthful heart, a place that is not fake and without pretentions.  When Jesus tells the woman at the well that worshippers must also worship in Spirit - that means one without the Holy Spirit in their lives, a person that has never accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, etc. can not do this.  Oh yes, they can worship, but without the Spirit one can't worship in Spirit and in Truth!  

Oh Lord Jesus, here I am.  I am here to worship, but so many things are biding for my time.  Lord, help me to take time to worship you in Spirit and in truth!  I want to please you and I want to hear you and also, be heard.  Lord, you know my desires - change them to line up with you.  Jesus, help me to not think only of my own will, but to think of others as well.  Lord, may worship with you be beautiful and in a heart that is true and with Spirit leading.  Jesus, I have so far to go.  I want to be made ready for the day you call me to another work.  Lord, here I am to worship!  I lay down before you - I need you!  Amen!  

I like to Do Do!!!
Praising God because of THEIR situation?

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