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We Must Test Everything!

Good morning Father!!!  

Reading through 2 Peter 2:1-9 today with She Reads Truth - www.shereadstruth.com - and have a very short and powerful thought about this scripture - 


Even from those that we trust so much, we still need to put their thoughts and actions up against the Scripture - bottom line.  If we are not willing to go the extra mile to see if something is correct, I mean lines up with the Word of God, then we might as well not even study the Word.  If we take everything at face value and as if no one can err in the interpretation of the Word, we are in trouble.  Just because a sermon or even a church in general makes you feel good - we must test everything!!    

It brings to mind the incredible ministry that Rob Bell started out with.  All the Nooma videos and growing church and all.  Then all of a sudden Mr Bell reveals his true interpretations of the Word.  Well, actually, according to an interview I recently read, we explained to the interviewer that the Bible is not culturally relevent and we cant trust it to keep up with today's times.  YIKES!!!!!!!  Run from anyone that makes statements like that!!!  

But, what happened God - he was on track and then poof....or was he?

Bottom line, we must test everything!  And dont be scared when you are the tester to confront another of a possible err.  But also dont be scared to be tested!  

Lord Jesus, help me to be wise!!  Help me to keep my spiritual eyes open and ears too so that I can discern Your voice and that which doesn't line up with Your Word and Ways!  Father, as i am teaching and speaking and ministering and just loving on people, help me to represent You well and live out Your Word correctly and in a way that honors You.  Help me to be accepting of those that bring the err of my ways to my attention and realize that ultimately this is a holy correction from You.  I love you Father - I want to serve you today.  

Today all the Jr and High school girls are coing over at 6:30pm.  We are going to study Jesus as the Reconciler.  We study Him as the Redeemer last week.  I am sooooo excited!!  Ill tell you more tomorrow!!  Bring them Jesus - bring them by the hundreds!!!!  May U be pleased!!!  I love you!

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