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Stopping the Battle at the Gate!

There are a lot of things I struggle with.  Some of them would make you giggle and others would make you wonder what in the world has God done using her in ministry - I know - I ask myself the same question often.  Nevertheless - we press on!

One thing I do know to be true, whether I do it or not, defeating a temptation or wining a battle before it begins or not giving into the same old sin over and over and over all has something to do with a gate.  A gate is usually something that allows or prevents you from going into another area.  That area can be an actual place or it can be something going on in your mind.  Both areas can be extremely tough to overcome especially when they are working together!

Keeping your gate open allows anything and everything to come and go as it pleases.  An open gate or no gate at all is so dangerous to us.  When you hear the story of a faithful person giving into some sexual sin, for example, there is a huge possibility they had no gate in their life.  Life was just going on and they were virtually living unprotected - gate open!

There are many ways to shut the gate and according to Is. 28:6 those that keep the gate shut and turn back the battle at the gate will be strong!  The WORD is the best gate keeper.  Prayer and fellowship or accountability work wonderfully as well.

"He will be a spirit of justice to him who sits in judgement, a source of strength to those who

turn back the battle at the gate."  Is. 28:6

Once sin or even temptation has been allowed in your courts because of an open gate it is very difficult to fight back.  It can be done and we must try our best to fight!  We cannot give in or give up.  But even better is to do as this word tells us - turn back the battle at the gate.  Dont allow the battle to enter!  Yes, there are things that hit us by surprise and that is even more the reason to be on guard, keeping the gate shut and protected by His word!  He is ur source of strength.  He gives even more strength to those that fight and do the things intially to keep the battle at bay!  

Friends - fight!!!  Fight with the SWORD, the Word of God!  Allow it to strengthen you.  We are not strengthened so much by just sitting in peace and having no troubles or temptations, but we are strengthened when we engage our faith!!  When we put action to our words, when we walk the talk!!!!  Let's do it - we can!

We love you Jesus - amen!

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