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OK - every morning after i have my time with Lord Jesus, i get the kids up and ready for school. I am so much nicer if things do go in that order. Trust me!! SO then I get to sit down and read what my other favorite bloggers have studied that morning or wrote at various times the day before. OK - now just go with me for a minute, i am halfway being silly..................

You know what it is like when someone makes mention of you or acknowledges you or something along those lines.......... you or at least I begin to think there is a connection or we are at least now best friends. Remember i am just half kidding... But it really makes you feel good that they mentioned you or said hey or even called or came by to talk. It doesn't take much to really excite me or make me feel special. EX) the other day my own church put in their bulletin that i was doing a conference just down the road at another church, Star. Then to top it all off, my own preacher announced it from the pulpit and everything. I was just blown away. It was one thing to put it in the bulletin, but to announce it - that just does not happen where i am from!!!!! I am not so excited because it was announcing of me, but that it was a woman's thing... like i said that just doesn't happen where i come from. so.................................... I am going somewhere with this.............

I sat down to read my favorite blogs and came to Beth Moore's blog. She mentioned in her post a comment i had made about my own Sarahjane........................ here is the flow of it...........

Here is the post from her daughter Amanda that i posted a comment to.......

The Critical Moment
There is a twinkle in time that the Moore girls like to call the critical moment. The critical moment occurs in the seconds between getting your hair exactly how you want it and then sealing it with hairspray. The Moore world stops spinning during the critical moment. Those present must not speak loudly, make requests, or get in the way while the process is happening. Those not present must not, Lord help them, interrupt the moment with a phone call. Melissa and I know that Mom is not Mom during the critical moment. But she will be right back...with great hair. Since I largely stopped using hairspray (gasp!) a few years ago, I've ceased experiencing the critical moment. However, the Lord saw what was lacking in my life and provided a new critical moment. This takes place each morning during my son's bath time. I start running the water and then take him to the changing table to get him ready for his bath. Here's the critical moment: I rush with my naked (or nekked, if you prefer) baby to the bathtub and try to get him in there before the cool air on his bare skin causes the tinkle effect. But this morning I got the bath water too hot and missed the critical moment. Baby was on my left hip, my right hand was trying to mix the cold water in as fast as possible, and I felt the unfortunate sensation of my waist being sprinkled with tee. So I guess you could call that a tinkle in time.

Then here is my comment -
Leigh Gray said...
As my kids have gotten older - oldest is 8 only for a few more days (boo-hoo, well sort of) - I find there are many critical moments that rear their head at the most inopportune time. Like when my Sarahjane - the most outspoken of all 4 - sees someone that might be a few pounds overweight. She has exclaimed before, "Mom, do you ever think your bottom will be that big?" Or the time she asked a woman if she knew she had all those wrinkles on her face. Yes, i crawled under the buggy and let the older ones push me to the car... ha ha Please know that I am trying, but sometimes those critical moments escape before i have the time to reel them back in or shall I say - ESCAPE!!Critical moments change as we change - for better or for worse...Have a terrific day and do keep blogging!

THEN here is the comment from Beth Moore..............

I got on the blog a few minutes ago and read your comments to Amanda's entry on critical moments. I got so tickled that I nearly called up the Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino I had right after lunch. You are so funny. Delightful. No kidding. A few minutes earlier, I wanted to stop what I was doing, lay my head down on my desk and cry HARD. As God would so lead, instead, I clicked open the blog, read what you had written, and laughed my head off. I could quote from 25 of them but how about little Sarah Jane noting that one of mom's friends had gained a few pounds and asking, "Mom, do you ever think your bottom will be that big?" Do you just LOVE younguns'? The little dickens are humbling, aren't they? I make it a point to surround myself with a whole mess of them.

So i guess one would conclude that I am now Beth Moore's new best friend - she just doesn't know it. Hee hee = what a great day!!!

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