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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.

Just Give Me Jesus Today

Today, dear Jesus, you have given me the greatest opportunity of all to do what You have called us all to do - share the gospel. Tonight i am going to Mooresville to speak briefly to a Christian Women's Club. I will be given only 20 minutes to share my testimony. I am very excited. This kind of thing is nothing about a speaker fee, nothing about making contacts, nothing about opening doors, nothing about anything but sharing the gospel. I am really excited because very rarely do i get to share just my testimony.

My testimony is not one that would lend itself to be used over and over again in retreat kind of setting. Not one that as some might say, "exciting or extreme or lively". Even though the Lord taking me out of an eventual life of tragedy is exciting, extreme, and lively! Thank you Lord.

I pray today specifically for all the hearts You will touch today. I pray for those that have never heard in their life about Your saving power. I pray today for those that will come to know You as Lord. I believe You will work today and You will draw them to You.

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to share. Thank you for saving me and redeeming me so that i do have something to share. Thank you for allowing me to be used. Please fill me with an overabundance of Your Spirit and empower me to speak with clarity. I am excited to see what you do!

Protect my mom and dad as they are traveling down to help with the kids. My schedule is pretty tough this week and this is also Clay's first week of his new job. Bless him, Lord and keep him safe. Allow him much favor with all the new people he will meet. Lord, i love you and thank you for my life! May You lead me in everything and protect me from me. What is it You would like me to do today? What is it You are leading me to in the near future? Open my eyes to know Your plans! I look forward to telling about Your movement today in the lives of those ladies!
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