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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.

He answers, but Still Waiting

Good Morning Jesus! I got up this morning and took the time to go and visit the streets. It was a beautiful morning as You are already parting the skies to allow sunshine in today. The last couple of mornings i have turned my running into a really fast walk. I have really enjoyed myself and seem to get out of the bed a bit easier knowing i am not going to have to run. Maybe i am not meant to be a runner. I know running works so many more calories, at least i think it does, but i enjoy walking so much more. I am able to still sing to my music and not get too filthy sweaty! I think i have a "you're an athlete, you must run" kind of mentality to get over.

Yesterday was a bummer day. There were things in my mind that i could not take captive. My thoughts were getting the best of me and it was all very selfish. I was having one of those jealous kinds of days and just not being thankful for one single thing in my life. I was upset because i had gotten on the scale to begin with. I think that can ruin any person's day no matter how big or small you are when you have gained a few. Halloween was not good for me and then traveling to Illinois and eating all the Gray's food. I told them we can not eat like that very often. I did find out that the town chiropractor just opened a small gym with state of the art equipment. But here is the neat thing... when you become a member you just get a key to the place to workout whenever you want. To keep costs down he didn't want to hire someone to be there all the time, so everyone just gets their own key - how cool is that! Thank you Lord, i feel like that is a gift just for me - for such a time as this! Thank you!

I am coming close to an end in my Daniel study. We will begin week 10 tonight. I have really enjoyed my time, and wonder what i will do next. I heard she is now coming out with an Esther study - i could just scream, I LOVE the Esther story!!!! Courage, faith, love, commitment, contentment, boldness, etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel 9:23 - As soon as you began to pray, an answer was given.

This morning Lord we were studying about how in some way You do answer all of our prayers of course in Your own time. So while i am thinking i am still waiting for answers, they are already given, i just have to wait for them to be exposed - that includes a "NO"! But for me the most compelling idea this morning is that we have to make our requests known. We can not just assume, even though of course He does, that God knows what we want. He wants to hear me make my requests known. He wants me to verbalize them. He wants to hear the faith in my voice as compared in my heart, possibly! Sometimes i have to speak it out loud so that my heart will believe! Lord, i praise you and I love you! I am excited for this day because You are everything. Help me to believe and wait and ask and then believe some more! I love you!
Getting the best of me...
Moving on - it is all in the timing

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