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Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

Good Morning Lord Jesus - made it thru what seemed as if it was gonna be a stormy night...

I see it all over Facebook and Twitter - Haters Gonna Hate.  The whole statement bugs me so bad.  It is so stupid.  Why do people, mainly teens, feel the need to bring attention to those that live a life of hate.  Why must 'we' light up the World Wide Web with the fact that someone is hating on us or is hating a situation.  Seems to give the whole thing even more recognition.

Honestly, I think I see the whole hate thing for what it is - not so much attention of the hater, but the one calling out the haters is actually looking to be recognize and 'seen', maybe even sympathized.  As one types in the 140 characters, he or she is thinking about the number of mentions, retweets, favorites, and even subtweets that will come their way.  Im thinking of one group of teens where this whole hate mentions is almost their life tagline - or it looks like it from twitterland.  Sad.

Jesus, would you change that?  Change the hate, change the meanness, change the need for attention.  Lord, come to their lives and be obvious.  Come to their lives be all that they need.  Do whatever you have to do to get the attention of those that enjoy the hate and drama and bring peace.   There is enough drama right here in my own house - 4 kids, 2 teens, and 3 girls - yikes!!  We have our fair share and yet I am trying to raise them in the reverence of the Lord, taking them to church consistently, praying, having Bible studies, etc.......Drama/hating still makes its way into my house - I cant imagine how it is when the Lord is not even thought of in day to day stuff - well actually I can imagine, I see it all over the internet.  

I am in 2 Peter 3:1-7 this morning.  I love in verse 1 Peter reminds the people why he has sent the letters  -'stimulate some wholesome thinking'.  Isn't that great?  I have a Bible study on Tuesday nights for some adult women.  Every once in a while I will really get off the beaten path and one will mention something to get us back to where we should be in our discussion - back to 'wholesome thinking'.  

Then down in verse 3, Peter reminds the readers that in the last days 'scoffers will come...scoffing'.  Oh my word, there it is in the Word - 'haters gonna hate' or 'scoffers gonna scoff'.  Peter is just calling it out for what it is - in the last days, we live in the last days, there will be people that have nothing better to do or there will even be those that live their lives with the intention of making fun of believers, making sure they are made fun of, making sure they shine by bringing down others...scoffing!!!  

Scoffers gonna scoff.  

I think the difference we have here in the Word verses what I see on Twitter is pride and encouragement.  On down in verse 9 and 10 we see Peter encouraging the believers that the Day of the Lord is coming.  In so many words Peter is helping the readers understand that this is suppose to happen, but God will not forget His promises or will not NOT keep His promises.  This is suppose to happen and this is the way people are suppose to act that don't truly know the Lord - hate, scoff, mean, self seeking... PRIDE!

It may seem like it is taking forever for Jesus to come back but here is the amazing grace in all this scoffing and hating...........He is waiting and waiting and waiting for those scoffers scoffing to come to the knowledge and belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  How incredible is that??????!!!!!!  God knows they are gonna do it and yet He is holding off His wrath and timetable waiting for a few more to repent.  

Lord, I dont get it.  I love Your ways and I love you patience, but it doesn't make sense to my pea brain.  I would have lost patience long ago.  I would have given up on people a long time ago.  You are incredible, amazing, honorable, blessed, Holy, and perfect!!!  Thank you Thank you!  

Help me to love in the mean time!   Amen

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