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End Times vs Book of Revelation

3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.  Rev. 1:3

Hey yall - I have been studying the book of Revelation through a dvd series by Beth Moore.  I have always been so intrigued by this book but have often been very frustrated when I have gone to sermons, lessons, or even classes about this book.  God has revealed to me - Revelation - that the study of this book, while it does have many references to what the end of times is going to be like, this book is about God revealing Himself to the world - the final time.  Now how it is all going to play out and take place, that is the study of end times - big difference really.  Because this is such a big difference and I didn't realize it was the reason I would get frustrated at classes or sermons on the book of Revelation.

God showed me very quickly as I began to study this book that even though it was very natural to desire to know how all this will unfold, it just is not possible.  There are so many scholars throughout the ages that have so many differing opinions.  One thing I love that Beth Moore says over and over is that God is so awesome, big, powerful, and creative He could choose any way to have the End Times come about or He could choose all the ways to do it.  But my initial, personal reason for doing this study - so I could be more kowledgable and aware and ready and not shocked - is just plainly selfish.  I would go as far to say that almost all of mankind approaches this book in this manner and God just very plainly laid on my heart that this perspective was quite selfish.  SO I have had to revamp - repent - and start afresh.  God wants to reveal Himself to me and you, and this book will do that!

So I come to the verse that I have pasted above...Please go back and read it now.  There is blessing in reading this Word, and specifically THIS Word, Revelation.  Did you know that many unsaved people read the Word?  Those in Law school read the Word a lot!  But it is just reading.  That passage above tells us that there is blessing in just reading the Word because it never returns void, but there is, I believe, even greater blessing in hearing it and studying and internalizing and heeding the Word!!  I believe, know, and have experienced great blessing from studying the Word - not just reading.  Over the years He has increased my desire to know Him more and to know myself even more so that I can identify where He is not in my life and actions!  (It usually is very obvious.)

Folks the time is near - it says right in that verse above.  We do not have another aloted amount of time to get our lives right in a few days - those few days never come.  The time is NOW!  It matters how you live now and what you will experience in the End Times!  This I know to be true!

Sometimes I am not very good at following through.  So I will try to go as long as I can posting what I am learning even though many of you probably already know all this.  It is good for me to write after I have studying for more reinforcement!  In the mean time I will begin to post blogs from guests that I am wanting to support in ministry.  I hope that you are too blessed from reading something much better than my own stuff!!  It is an honor to have these guests!!

Yall have a great day!!!  Praise Him and live right!!!  It matters!!  Love much, Leigh
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