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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.

428 - Deeper Still

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name!

Heavenly Father, how do i even begin to talk about this past weekend. I am so full. I guess I will begin by saying thank you! Thank you for speaking so clearly. Thank you for allowing me to have special time with Tamy. Thank you for allowing me to see all the blogging girls. Thank you for allowing me to be in your presence. Thank you for allowing me to see and hug the neck of Teresa. Thank you for allowing me to open Your Word and see it fresh every time. Thank you for allowing me to see the speakers up close and personal in the raw. Thank you thank you thank you! Thank you for allowing me to worship like i have never have before ever, ever, ever!

I think God spoke to me most profoundly through Priscilla. Wow, what a woman of God. What a heritage. What a anointing, what a love, what an intelligence, what a sense of humor..........I want to be her friend! hee hee More than anything I was so impressed with how she could call out the Word verbatim AND where it was found. On the way to the arena, my friend Tamy asked me where God has me right now. I told her i felt like I was in a holding pattern for the next 2 years for various reasons and then at the end of that season He would release me for some different things in ministry. I have said that for some time. Then Priscilla begins to speak and explains that David was anointed at 15, but not at the pinnacle of his kingship until 37. There was a 22 year gap between anointing and actual kingship. God game down in the arena, picked me up, and sat me back down on his lap in His loving arms. He said - "you too will have to wait. (Please do not hear I think I am going to be a king - Lordy no!) I have plans for you, but you will have to wait. Keep doing as you are doing, but spend less time at the computer, less time emailing, and less time "making it happen". I have placed you in Illinois so that you have no way of manipulating the scene of what I am doing and am going to do. You have no big named church to run a conference through, you have no big name connections to promote you, you have limited resources, you have no close seminary to get an education, you have distance and I like that, you lack all the things that one needs to go anywhere and I like it!!!!!! Whatever I do for you in ministry and throughout your life, people will say that it had to be the Lord because from where you are and lack of contacts and distance - it had to be the Lord!!! People will cry out Holy is the Lord because it had to be ME." Oh Lord - it has to be You!!! Holy!!

I was so full that night I just couldn't imagine Him having anything more for me on Saturday. Let it rein - let it rein!!! And it did!!! Beth's last point was that We have to have the courage to see the fulfillment of God's promises to us or ask for it. I remember standing to my feet and asking God to bless me. I am not sure I have ever really done that. It was kind of scary because I knew the vast amount of blessings that my God has done in my life without much asking. So if i asked for Him to bless me, would my family as a whole be able to handle all of His blessings? I asked for Him to make apparent the blessings because there are days I am sure to miss them. I stood and stretched out my hands towards Heaven and begged for the grace and mercy to withstand His blessings. I know that sounds so crazy, but my God is just so good and abundant! And the part Beth explained about Song of Solomon 6 :10-11 - Oh Lord, please don't let my heart to be carried off by others things when I lose my focus, when i look to the left and the right, when i allow the foxes in, when I choose not to receive Your blessings, when I just get lazy. Keep me on your path, keep my heart with the Your path, keep me on the straight and narrow! I want to serve you!!! I want to love you. I want to be near to you! I am so full!

I spoke on Friday morning at a HUGE MOPS group - wow they were an awesome bunch of ladies and so firey!! They laughed, reacted, asked questions, were energetic, lively, and just plain precious and fun! The Lord came down and spoke right through me. It was a message on Love Languages of children and Birth Order. There is not a whole lot of scripture which i don't like, but it is such a great message in teaching the moms how to deal more clearly and effectively with their kids. I can say great because it is not my material and it is His message! But He was there!!! He was very real, and wonderfully strong there! Wow - thank you, Lord!

Oh my Word - my church service yesterday was incredible!! He interrupted his series for a 40 day emphasis on prayer in preparation for the revival coming soon. My preacher is the most humble servant of the Lord I have ever seen. He loves Jesus and love his congregation! He spoke Sunday morning with such passion. The last night he took us through his own way of praying and using scripture in his prayers. He was so afraid of being seen as "having it all together in prayer", and he did not come across that one bit. Oh it was beautiful! God is about to move in that church in a huge way and I am so excited to see it. People went forward to pray at the alter yesterday - it was awesome! I am so excited!!! We also joined the church yesterday and I felt such a huge love and peace!! It was incredible! We are home - now if we could ever get in our new house! ha ha - it is coming along really well! Praise you Lord - I am so excited to see what you are going to do! Instruct me in the way I should go and don't let me turn from Your will! Help me to hear Your ways and direction! Help me to glorify you alone! I love you!

427 - Night Night
429 - It's Still Dark

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