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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.


Oh Dear Jesus - we have had a wonderful weekend with our friend, and now family (the girls voted him in as family), Ryan Warren.  His 25 year old self...
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442 - Attaching oneself

Dear Lord, Thank you for a wonderful night at church last night. I did my job - organizing and supplying the teachers with all they need to teach - ...
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406 - I'm Done

Lord Jesus - I know as weird as it may sounds, I am done Believing God. No, no, no - I am not going to quit believing God, but i am done with the Bibl...
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405 - Love is an action

Dear Father - I just want to get my Mary, Mary music on and get stepping to the beat. I just want to praise you would sound so good right now if all ...
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404 - the Collaboration

Lord Jesus - yeah, praise be to You, I am up and with you at my normal time!! Yeah - you did it this morning, thank you! We are going to sweat it ou...
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