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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.

544 - So What Am I Suppose To Do?

Good Morning - I am up and at them this morning. On my way out the door to St. Louis for a few days. I will be speaking this morning and next. One ...
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543 - Overflowing HOPE

Wow oh wow - I think I might be reacclimated to the time and rested from the trip. That is one sure sign I am getting older. I can't just run to Ala...
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540 - I need you, You need me!

This morning is off to a very slow start. We have roughly 5 inches of snow and ice!! It was beautiful for the first 3 inches, but then it was just l...
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536 - Wax Off Wax On

Laced with Grace fantastic girls have asked me to post a devotion in Feb. and March. I am thrilled to be asked and wanted to let you know. My devoti...
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535 - Goose Necks Watching

Can you believe it is already Thursday? In some ways it has really been a long week and then in others ways - where did the time go? Yesterday was q...
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