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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.

834 - Sugarcoating is never sweet!

Dear Lord, I find myself so often wanting to make things easier for others than they actually are. Or I want to help my kids too much or not tell the...
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822 - Just the way I am - even if I look like a turtle...

This video is not the best as far as for the viewing pleasure - ha! I look a bit like a turtle today. My neck and head seem to come way out! ha ha!...
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807 - A Bill that Says LOVE!!

1 Cor. 13 - this is the chapter that most people know - even those that don't believe - Love is patient, love is kind, love is.......... what you come...
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769 - Giving fully

Dear Lord, Today is the day that I leave with my #1 tennis player with my assistant coach Patricia Trout and head on the long ride to Chicago - about ...
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604 - Just Stuff, More Than I Can Bear?

There is a famous verse that many people quote incorrectly or I should say out of context. It is the 1 Cor. 10:13 "He will not let you be tempted bey...
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