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God speaks thru all of us in many different ways. Here are just brief moments God speaks thru Leigh in every day life and adventures.
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All I have is a Donkey...I have nothing to Offer!

http://youtu.be/qFXB_Rks9fo Cant Wait to hear from you! Im leaving for vacation in a few days.... lots of posts to come!! Thanks, Leigh
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Connection hello - UnAshamed and Becuz He said so!!

How has God lead you to not be ashamed of Him? I know so of His requests do not make sense, but respond always with - But Because you say so!!! You ca...
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Fighting Excess - 3 (food) Heart Change

Well, 7 is going along pretty good, but I want there to be more of a heart change in my life than just a physical change. How can that really happen w...
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Fighting Excess - 2 Food

Starting day 2 of fighting excess with Jen Hatmaker from the book 7. I am eating a salad and a smoothie each day. I have covered the food groups and a...
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7 - Fight against Excess

http://youtu.be/4_58DI3pEVE Been a while since I popped in. Here is what I am up to - Fighting Excess with Jen Hatmaker and her new book - 7. Take a ...
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