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Every person we encounter, whether it's the 'Far and Away' grocery store clerk or an 'Up Close and Personal' best friend, has the chance to see God through us. But are we living close enough...

to God for His light to shine through?

Allow Leigh Gray and Heather Hargis to take you through a journey...

to Loving God, Loving People: Living Out the Vertical in a Horizontal World. They'll introduce you to those 'Far and Away' people and show how you can impact their lives. They'll show you where to find God when He seems 'Far and Away.'

Soon you'll be looking into how to react with those 'Close Encounters' with the friends who encourage or hinder, as well as how to become a friend of God's through 'Close Encounters.' A look at the 'Up Close and Personal' relationships with family and those friends who become like family will help you take a deeper look at your walk with the Lord before delving into connecting with Him on a deeper, 'Up Close and Personal' level.

Complete with discussion questions for study groups, relatable examples, and biblical references, Leigh and Heather will have you Loving God, Loving People in a new God-centered way.



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